Pet policy:

  1. Please, let us know if you will be travelling with your pet upon making the reservation.
  2. The owner will be responsible for any damages that their pet may cause to other parties and/or hotel furniture. A credit card and telephone number must be provided upon arrival.
  3. With the exception of service dogs, there are certain restrictions in weight and size in order for your pet to stay in the hotel: the maximum weight allowed, including the carrier, is 15 kg.
  4. If your dog is potentially dangerous, they must wear a muzzle and be on a non-retractable leash that is less than 2 meters long. In case of potentially dangerous dogs, only one per person will be allowed.
  5. When you check in, you will be asked to provide the license that proves you are allowed to have a potentially dangerous animal, in accordance with Article 2 of the Royal Decree 287/2002 of March 22, which enacts Law 50/1999 of December 23 that regulates the ownership of potentially dangerous animals. The applicable state and regional regulation are available at the hotel’s lobby.
  6. Your pet must be on a leash every time you exit or enter the hotel’s facilities.
  7. It is completely forbidden to leave the pet alone in the room.
  8. Remember that the room will not be cleaned as long as your pet is inside. Once the pet is not inside the room, please let the housekeeping service know so they can clean the room.
  9. The pet owner must make sure that their pet’s hygiene is adequate.
  10. The pets are not allowed to access the cafeteria, with the exception of service dogs who, according to Law 10/2003 of December 26 about access for disabled people with service dogs, must wear a collar and be on a leash; in case of guide dogs, they must also wear a harness. Pets may only transit the common areas of the hotel.
  11. We kindly request that you do not allow your pet to get on the couches or the bed.
  12. We kindly request that you do use the bathtub or the shower to bathe your pet or that you use the hotel’s towels to dry them.
  13. Please, do not forget to turn in a signed copy of this document at the lobby as proof that you accept these conditions.

We thank you in advance for respecting these rules and hope that you enjoy your stay with us.